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Free copy of CrossOver

Those of you on Macs or Linux boxes may be interested to know that you can get a free 1-year license for CrossOver. It’s only available today (Tuesday 28th October) and only allows you 1 copy. Existing customers (like me) will get a free 1-year extension to their existing license, which is nice.
CrossOver is an enhanced version of Wine, an open source tool which allows you to run Windows programs on computers which do not have Windows, namely Linux and Mac OS X (Intel only). On OS X, I use it to run programs like Picasa and IrfanView which I haven’t quite found acceptable native Mac alternatives for, as well as Internet Explorer 6 and Windows Media Player. Even without the special offer, it’s cheaper than a Windows license and more convenient than either rebooting the machine or running Windows in a virtual machine.
Note that the site is suffering from the Digg effect at the moment, so while you can request your license key you probably won’t be able to fully register your copy straightaway.
(Heads-up via Brad Choate)

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  1. Thanks for sharing – I noticed the site was down earlier… it finally went back up and I got my serial.