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Interesting Firefox extensions

In the absence of anything more interesting to write about, here are some Firefox extensions that I’ve recently installed and found useful or interesting:

  1. Effortless Good – automatically adds an affiliate tag for products bought at Amazon, with the income donated to 4 charities. Doesn’t overwrite normal affiliate links. Means you can do good with minimal effort.
  2. FireGPG – integrates GnuPG with Firefox, and in particular Gmail. You can encrypt, decrypt and sign the contents of a text box or emails. Requires GnuPG.
  3. ForceHTTPS – ensures that you’re using the encrypted (HTTPS) version of popular web sites like Gmail and PayPal where you share personal information.
  4. firefox-mac-pdf – allows PDF files to be viewed from within Firefox on a Mac, rather than in Preview. Mac-only.
  5. YouTube Comment Snob – hides idiotic comments on YouTube videos.