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Britney is in your spam folder, spamming your spam with spammy spam

While cleaning out my spam folder on Gmail, I found these gems of email subjects:

“Jamie Lynn: Britney impregnated me with Ron Paul’s sperm”
“Britney vagina transplant to erase fools’ memory syndrome”
“K-Fed & Justin Timberlake to release Britney Spears tribute album”
“Britney is to be sold on eBay”
“Britney Spears Confession: ‘I’m the Father of Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby!'”
“Britney Spears Blows Her Nose on Designer Dresses”
“Britney Spears is dating Obama”

This was one page. Obviously she’s been busy,
Bonus link: Daily Mail headline generator, which is in a similar vein. But it doesn’t spam your mailbox.
Also, this is coming via Google Chrome which I’ve finally got around to trying out. I suppose it’s nice but Firefox appeals more to the power user in me. And there are text selection bugs which are starting to get slightly annoying… It is beta, I suppose.

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  1. For me, when Chrome comes out for the Mac, I’m pretty certain I’ll be using it instead of Safari. I don’t use Firefox anymore as my full time browser because it’s just too slow when compared to Safari. Chrome blows away Safari when running on Windows. So I can only assume that it will do so on the Mac.
    I consider myself a power user too, but FF has been causing me a lot of headaches, including AdBlocker not working as well as it used to. I find many ads getting through when they didn’t before. I have an extension in Safari that makes FF’s AdBlocker look like v0.01.
    Mind you, Chrome doesn’t have any extensions yet, but I am hopeful that they will open it up for extensions like Safari has. I don’t need many, but adblocking is a must.
    Personally, I find Chrome’s text searching feature really great. Showing where all the matches are in the scrollbar is something I am very familiar with in development IDE’s that I have used in the past. It makes finding matches really easy.
    Anyway, the fact that Chrome is beta and works as well as it does is a good testament to Google’s developers. I hope they manage to fix as many bugs as possible as soon as possible so that they can get it ported to Mac so that I can fully enjoy it. 😉