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Some people go out on Saturday nights

Whereas I sometimes do things like this:
OS/2 Warp
Before you get giddy, this is just the splash screen for the setup. In other words, it boots, but doesn’t seem to do much else. Apparently it can take a long time before it even gets to the point where it asks you how to partition.
No idea what on earth I’m up to? Here is Wikipedia on OS/2, and the screenshot is of it running in a VirtualBox window on my MacBook.


  1. I remember many years ago Escom to save money used to pre install Warp on their machines, they had brick and mortar stores and we’d laugh about how time seemed to slow down when you went into it ‘cos warp was so dog slow on their machines.
    Still, the GUI was quite pretty for the time.

  2. My parents’ first machine was from Escom and they actually paid extra for DOS and Windows in addition to OS/2 Warp. As it was, they forgot to install Warp, but I don’t think they missed it.