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Still haven’t watched those films

2 months ago, I posted a list of films that I own on DVD which I haven’t yet watched. And guess what? I still haven’t watched them.
In fact, I forgot to mention on that list that I had also bought The Simpsons Movie, which although I ended up seeing it twice at the cinema last year, I haven’t managed to watch it on DVD.
And what’s worse is that I now own two more DVDs – Ice Age and Robots (came as a double-pack for £4 from Morrisons) to add to that list…
Hellboy is probably the first of those that we’re keen to see – neither me nor Hari have seen it yet and we want to watch it in case we find time to see Hellboy II at the cinema. We’re also currently renting the Sweeney Todd film with Johnny Depp in it from LoveFilm, which we need to find time to watch.
That being said, it may well pan out that one of the main barriers preventing me from blogging more and watching films in my spare time may no longer be an issue soon. Before you get worried, it’s nothing to do with my job, or my relationship with Hari – we’re getting on just fine together.

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