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Shooting phish in a barrel

Just had this email through, claiming to be from ‘Abbey National’:

Be on your guard – beware of fraudsters!
Dear Abbey National customer,
Like other UK banks, we are currently seeing very large numbers of “phishing emails” in circulation. Many of these look as if they are from Abbey National, typically encouraging you to click a link and type in your logon details. Such attempted frauds only work if you click that link, and you then type in your full security details & contact information.
Please remember: We never ask you to enter your Credit Card information & contact information on the Internet or over the phone. To learn how to protect yourself against “phishing” and other “identity theft” please spend a few minutes to upgrade to our latest security.
Click here to help us fight fraud!
Best regards.
NatWest Bank Security Department Team.

So, obvious problems?

  1. Abbey has not traded as ‘Abbey National’ in some years – though many will still know it as ‘Abbey National’ it has traded as ‘Abbey’ for a while now.
  2. It’s signed off by the ‘NatWest Bank Security Department Team’ – but NatWest is a completely different company owned by Royal Bank of Scotland. Abbey is owned by Banco Santander.
  3. It is asking you not to click links and enter your login details, but that’s precisely what the web site asks you to when you click the link (web site address blanked out for obvious reasons).

It was also sent from an address, which is the Royal Bank of Scotland again.

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