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Discreet changes

I’m making some behind-the-scenes changes here. Basically I’m working to bring back long-neglected parts of the site that disappeared from public view when I refreshed the templates, but this time trying to do things in a way that can be updated easily. So I’m making greater use of Pages, rather than custom templates, and the new templates that I do make will be modular in the same way as the defaults so that any necessary design changes can be rolled out across the whole site more easily.
I’m not going to link to things until the whole lot is ready, but so far I have resurrected my sideblog (if you subscribed to the feed you would see this), re-written the colophon to bring it up to date and created a page for the blogroll to sit. This actually represents a large chunk of what I want to do so hopefully it won’t be long before I roll it out. I know I’ve been neglecting this site over the past few months and so this is part of a plan to bring it back to its ‘former glory’, as it were.

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