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Minor changes

Other than the name change, which apparently most people didn’t notice, I’ve made a few other minor changes around here.
First of all, the biggest change is an upgrade from Movable Type 4.2 RC1 to RC4, although in reality this hasn’t change much but may fix any issues that people have been experiencing. I have also gotten rid of the Comment Challenge plugin; it was designed for a much older version of MT and hasn’t been updated in quite some time. It therefore doesn’t quite work with MT4.2, especially concerning authenticated comments (TypeKey, OpenID etc) so it isn’t worth keeping.
Finally the sidebars now work on all entry pages – I think this was partly down to a weird bug in MT’s new widget manager but I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it. Anyhow, it’s working now.
I will be doing some further design changes, mainly to re-instate the sections to the site. But as next week is one of the busiest weeks for universities, with A-level results coming out a week today, it may be some time.

One Comment

  1. One thing I do miss on the redesign is your blogroll – any chance of bringing it back or at least having a page with the “I also read…” details? (I’m having to resort to to pull up old copies of your site to remember urls)