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Knock-off Nigel

When you watch a British DVD, usually before the film starts, you’ll have to watch this:

But now on TV, we have this:

The message it’s trying to spread is that people who download films or buy counterfeit DVDs are sad, corner-cutting lowlifers – no ‘cool’ person would want to be like Nigel. While I like the less confrontational stance, I somehow doubt the effectiveness of the new ads.
Of course, the best one is the parody by the IT crowd:


  1. Ohhh, right! Is that what that ad’s all about? I’ve seen it a couple of times and haven’t been able to understand what it was trying to sell. And I’m pretty media savvy. What a failure!

  2. We have the same “don’t steal movies” ad at the beginning of movies in the theater.
    Kind of lame.

  3. That first one is at the beginning of DVDs in the states, too. I like the third one.

  4. Better to be a knock-off Nigel than a knock-off Neil. What a lousy joke.

  5. When I told the guys at work about my kids singing RIP OFF BRITAIN RIP OFF BRITAIN to the tune of knock off nigel, their kids sing it too. Mine seem to get a thrill from shouting the ad down EH out of the mouths of babes and sucklings
    I must admit it is catchy. So altogether now
    Rip off britain Rip off britain
    They put up the taxes, give jobs away
    Its rip off britain rip off britain
    Not sure if I can write next verse

  6. Knock Off Nigels Revenge