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MacBook hard disk upgrade complete

I’m probably boring you all now with my incessant ramblings about the hard disk upgrade, but the good news is that it is done and dusted. I picked up the correct screwhead from Maplin and switched the drives over without any major problems, although I would advise you that when you boot the computer up after switching the disks over, you press Command, Alt, P and R at the same time to reset the PRAM (see this article for more info) as you may encounter minor booting issues otherwise.
The old disk is now firmly screwed into its USB enclosure and is acting as a Time Machine device, as well as a place to put files. I decided that it would be best to go with HFS+ for Time Machine, but made a 4 GB FAT32 partition so that I can access files from other computers should I need to. As it’s such a small enclosure and came with a nice carrying pouch, it lends itself well to being used as a portable file store.
Unsurprisingly I have noticed a performance improvement with the new drive – on the old drive I was frequently pushing for free space and so data fragmentation was likely to be a major problem, but with this drive the data has been laid out from scratch and there’s well over 150 GB of free space on here at the moment, so fragmentation shouldn’t be an issue for some time to come.
So what’s my next project? Hari’s computer needs some TLC in the heat-dissipation department. Since the new year it’s had major problems keeping cool, so while I was in Maplin I picked up a rather large can of whoop-ass compressed air to give it a good clean out. I’ll also check that its temperature sensors are pointing in the right places and that the fans are working correctly.

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