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MacBook Upgrade

The MacBook upgrade that I wrote about last week is half-done, in that my MacBook now has 2 GB of RAM inside it but is still stuck with a 60 GB hard drive. This is partly because I inadvertently ordered an IDE enclosure instead of a SATA enclosure and the replacement SATA enclosure seems to be stuck in a Royal Mail delivery van somewhere in Bradford. Once it finally returns to the depot (I’ve been assured that this will be tomorrow, but I’ll give them until Monday) I’ll pick it up and do the upgrade.
If your MacBook only has 1 GB of RAM, I would definitely recommend the upgrade to 2 GB – the performance improvement is instantly noticeable. And at only £30 if you install it yourself it’s well worth it.

Performance issues

I’m still working with my host to work out why I’m sucking up all of the CPU usage. I know reckon it’s because I’ve been using PHP to gzip-encode pages on the fly when requested, which is putting a heavy load on the server. I’ve turned off the compression for now to see if that sorts it, and also disabled the Fast Search plugin for Movable Type which uses PHP. We’ll see what happens. I don’t think I’m going to be switching to WordPress after all, however.

Video on Flickr

Apparently I’m supposed to have an opinion about this. I don’t really – I have no real objection to it being there but I don’t think it’s something I’ll personally use. I’m certainly not going to join one of these anti-video groups. I’ll also actually get around to posting more pictures to Flickr at some point.


  1. I’m kind of surprised to hear that you are switching to WP. You seem pretty happy with MT from what I read.
    However, I think that once you dig into WP for a short time, you will find it’s very easy to work with. Working with PHP to make small modifications to a theme in order to display info is way easier than Perl. Unless you actually know Perl that is.
    As for Video on Flickr, I think it’s nice that they are trying. My only problem is that 90 seconds is just not enough time to do any kind of decent video. Now, maybe they plan to increase that over time, but for now, it’s just not good enough.
    Flickr is great for photos, but I just don’t see why anyone would want to upload a 90 second video of something that they would be taking a picture of. I’m sure that Flickr will not be happy if someone uploads a 90 second screencast. They don’t seem to like it when people use Flickr for screenshots. Any video I will be creating will probably be screencasts.

  2. Also, I’m glad you are switching to WP. I haven’t been able to post a comment without getting an error page after clicking the Submit button. It happened again in the above comment and will probably happen here too.

  3. Hi Neil,
    If you have any problems – let me know. I no longer work at the hosting company (I left nearly this time last year), but I still may be able to help you analysis the issue (I notice from your bug report that they’ve installed SAR for reporting now!) and may be able to talk to somebody there for better diagnostics.
    Otherwise, come over to the dark side and join WordPress: from a server admin point of view, it does tend to be more server friendly and from a user point of view, a lot easier than Movabletype (ok, I haven’t used MT for several years now…)

  4. Have a good night neil.

  5. Have a good night neil

  6. Thanks for the post on the macbook, i have been thinking of getting one … looks like i will need 2BG from the star