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Going Wireless

Thanks to the guys at 3 Mobile Buzz, I am trying out 3’s mobile broadband service free for 3 months, in return for some blog posts about the service. I have the Huawei E169G USB modem, which allows me to get 3G broadband internet access wherever 3 have a signal (and GRPS/EDGE if a 3G service isn’t available).
I’ll post a full disclosure soon, but to show that it’s working I am posting this sat in the local bus station, where it has already proved its worth. Hari has been away at her parents for the weekend, and so I have gone to meet her. However, having checked the details of her coach online, I have found out I had the wrong time and have instead come several hours early…
Of course, I could have phoned her, but it’s nice to be able to look a less of a prat in front of your girlfriend. There’s no Wifi here whatsoever so without the modem I would have had no internet access.
So, as I said, I’ll post more about the modem, its capabilities, and the wider implications of mobile broadband on the UK internet market as the days and weeks go on. If you’re contemplating purchasing one – say, for example, you find internet access on the train useful and have found that the Wifi service provided by your train operating company has declined recently – then I hope this will be useful.

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  1. As someone who is looking at going to 3 mobile broadband, its nice to see someone trying the new E169, but the big question is, how does it perform against their other modems, When its currently costing upto £29.99 more than its (reliable good receiving linux friendly) stable mate the E220, does it hold weak signals better, is the throughput any greater, without comparing it to another modem, how can you say if its good or bad? you should ask three for an e220 for comparision tests!