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Hardware on the way

I’ve now ordered the new hardware for my MacBook. In the end, I went for:

  • A Western Digital Scorpio 250 GB 2.5″ drive, which uses SATA and spins at 5400rpm, from Dabs
  • 2×1 GB of Micron DDR2 PC2-5300 RAM from Crucial

This, plus a generic hard drive enclosure for a 2.5″ drive, came to a total of £102. Admittedly I could have bought generic components and got them cheaper, but my MacBook undergoes heavy usage so I want parts from reputable manufacturers. I’ve only had good experiences from Crucial (as have many others) and I’ve heard good things about Western Digital. Admittedly I had issues with the build quality of the MyBook external drives but that was to do with the flimsy plastic enclosure, not the actual hard drive itself.

The memory has arrived but is being held by the Royal Mail (thankfully at a sensible location, unlike last time), and I’m waiting for the drive which was dispatched last night.

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