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MacBook upgrade

More RAM
I’ve had my MacBook for over 18 months now and during that time it has served me very well. Unfortunately I’m starting to hit its limitations and so it is due a bit of an upgrade.

The biggest problem right now is the hard drive, which is practically full to bursting. I had 2 GB free this morning but only after deleting a lot of stuff (which now needs to be copied back over) – this was due to the fact that Fury of the Sunwell came out for World of Warcraft and it requires a minimum of 1.6 GB to install (although you get most of it back after it has patched your game files). Part of the problem is that I have both Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista (by way of Parallels) on there – Vista’s virtual hard disk occupies around 13 GB of space, which is a lot when the total drive capacity is only 60 GB.

Also, when running large applications like World of Warcraft or Parallels, it starts to struggle a bit with just 1 GB of RAM (this is something I never thought I’d say 10 years ago…).

So, I need to upgrade the hard disk and get another gigabyte of RAM. I’ve been holding off any upgrade for a while because I imagined it would be quite expensive; however, in actual fact, I can do the who she-bang for under £100, and that includes memory from Crucial and a branded hard drive. Though I can’t see this happening right away, in a couple of months I should have enough cash spare to justify doing this.

Hopefully, the bigger RAM and hard drive will provide the performance boost I’m after. The graphics on the MacBook is still a weak point but it provides passable Warcraft performance and I can’t upgrade it, so I’ll bear with it.


  1. That extra GB of RAM really helps Macbooks out. I’m surprised you went this long without it.
    I recently upgraded to a 250GB hard drive and that was well worth it too, especially since I share my Macbook with my wife at the moment.

  2. I recently upgraded my MacBook’s HDD to a 160GB hard drive I popped out of a Western Digital Passport USB drive. I just popped open the case of the Passport and swapped the drive in it with the one that came with my MacBook.
    The way the Passport case is put together, it’s pretty easy to pop it open.
    Now I have a 160GB MacBook and a 60GB WD Passport USB external drive.
    The Passport only costs about $88 from