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Orkut it out

Someone that I don’t know today sent me a message on Orkut, the social network owned by Google. As it happens I responded – it wasn’t spam and the person was quite polite and had a genuine question to ask. But this represents what must be the first time I have used Orkut this year.

Orkut was the first social network I ever joined, back in January 2004, when these sites were new-fangled; indeed Orkut was in invite-only beta at the time. Back then, quite a few of my online friends were there and so I was quite active, even setting up a group or two. But later on that year my usage of the site waned to the point where I go months between logins. None of my friends use Orkut anymore – my online friends are all on Twitter and everyone else is on Facebook. I’m a member of MySpace but, like my friends, I’m no longer active there anymore.

So why, 4 years on, are people still using Orkut? Certainly none of my friends are. But Orkut is big in some countries like Brazil and India, thus explaining why, when I logged in, I found lots of messages in Portuguese and spam offering matrimonial sites and jobs in New Delhi. I don’t really have any Brazillian or Indian friends – most of mine are European or North American, and it’s in these places that Facebook and Twitter are doing well.

Maybe Orkut will have a renaissance, but on my visit today it appears not a lot has changed in 4 years, bar a new design.

Anyone else still using Orkut regularly?


  1. That would be a no for using Orkut. I signed up a few years ago when it was “all the rage” but neither myself or any of my friends have been there in a loooong time. To be honest, I didn’t even realize Orkut was still around.

  2. Heck no, it’s all spam as far as I’m concerned. I have an account there too but I don’t use it.