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Excuse the Tumbleweed

Oh my, it appears I haven’t actually blogged here in 2 whole weeks. Sorry.
I’d like to tell you that I have actually been on a fantastic impromptu holiday, or couldn’t post due to injury/broken heart/broken computer/extreme stress etc. But the fact of the matter is that nothing out of the ordinary has really happened of late – the only reason why I haven’t posted is laziness and forgetfulness.
This doesn’t mean I have totally forgotten about the blog, as you will (hopefully) discover when you start up Internet Explorer 8 Beta and find that I’ve implemented support for Webslices here (although all the content is already available as Atom feeds anyway). This means that you can monitor new entries on the home page and new comments on entry pages in the browser.
I’m also investigating the possibility of bringing in some of my Twitters from my Twitter feed. There are Movable Type plugins which import Twitters into a blog, but in doing so create a new entry for each Twitter; I’d prefer a daily digest like Twitter Tools provides. However, I’m not prepared to go through the immense hassle of moving to WordPress to use one single plugin.
Finally I am working on a new design for the site. Well, when I say ‘working on’, I mean that I intend to start doing it at some point some time before the next ice age. It will probably be based on the default templates for Movable Type 4.1 but altered a bit.


  1. Is there a reason why you stick with Movable Type over WordPress?

  2. Familiarity, and the effort required to transfer several thousand entries across. I also prefer MT’s static publishing for key pages on the site and its support for things like OpenID out of the box (rather than tacked on with a plugin).
    If I was starting out now I’d probably pick WordPress but MT is good enough for now.