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Earthly movements

Well, that was interesting. As you may already know, most of England was hit by a small earthquake last night. Though it was in the early hours of the morning at around 1am GMT, I was awake at the time (yes, I know, on a school night…) and felt it.
At first we thought someone had slammed a door, perhaps in the flat upstairs, but as Hari and I were both on World of Warcraft at the time we soon found out from friends that they had felt the earth move too. Turns out it measured 5.3 on the Richter scale and was the strongest quake we’ve had here in almost 25 years.
Bradford is far enough away from the epicentre for it not to have caused any property damage and I’ve certainly not heard of anyone having any problems – just lots of people being curious.
Interestingly though at least 25 of my friends on Facebook now have status messages mentioning something about the quake. These include some exchange students from California who never realised we had earthquakes here (which we don’t, usually), those who were woken up by it and were begrudgingly posting before going back to bed, and those worrying about the aftershock. Which I managed to sleep through, incidentally.

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