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OS X Leopard 10.5.2 is what you’ve been waiting for

It’s often said that you shouldn’t upgrade to a new version of Windows until at least Service Pack 1. So if you’ve been holding out from upgrading from Tiger to Leopard, then version 10.5.2, released yesterday, should be what you’ve been waiting for.
The update weighs in at over 300 MB for the full version (Software Update only needed to download 180 MB), plus there’s a follow-up Leopard Graphics Update to install afterwards. It’s a lot to install but then it does fix a lot of residual bugs that weren’t fixed in 10.5.1 – finding Windows computers with shared folders now finally seems to work properly, for example. But there’s also some new features – stacks can now be made into Tiger-style lists if you so wish, the menu bar translucency can be disabled, and Time Machine has its own menu bar icon (but this can be disabled if you don’t use it).
The Graphics Update is also worth installing, especially if you use your Mac for gaming (stop laughing) – World of Warcraft users report much higher framerates and I can back this up too with my own experience.
Macworld has an article detailing some of the changes (thanks, Robert) but most of them seem to be background stuff that you won’t see from day to day. In any case, if you’ve been waiting for Leopard to become more stable, your wait should be over.


  1. I almost always immediately install Apple updates, and universally wait a minimum of a month before installing any Microsoft updates.
    At first, I was very pleased with MacOS 10.5.2… but the longer I’ve been playing with it, the more problems I’ve found.
    Paramount is wireless networking, which has crapped out on one of my MacBooks. Forums are ablaze with this affecting a lot of people. If wireless is important to you, I’d wait.
    Mail, which has been severely compromised on ALL my Macs since Leopard is even more problematic now. I’m also having major problems with iDisk, Finder copies, remote volume mounting, Parallels Windows emulation, Pages, and Time Machine.
    So… I’m not sure if I can recommend the update yet or not. I run fairly standard OS installs on all my machines, so I have no idea where things are going wrong.

  2. Not had any wireless problems here so far, and I don’t use iDisk, Pages or Time Machine and haven’t tried the other stuff yet. I’ll see what happens.