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My World of Warcraft characters

I haven’t mentioned much about my World of Warcraft characters recently, so here’s a little run-down of what I’m up to in game at present. Skip over it if you have no interest in WoW whatsoever.


Hexorious and Sacahariel in damage gear
Hexorious was the first character I made, back in June 2006, and is still my main. He’s been level 70 for the best part of a year now and is the character I go raiding with. Faith is the guild I’m in now (I joined a few weeks ago) and we’re making our first steps into the Black Temple; we have Shade of Akama down and are working on Teron Gorefiend. Though protection and retribution paladins are becoming more viable for raids, Hexo is still full holy and healing is his main occupation, however after having spent a lot of time in the battlegrounds he has quite a lot of damage gear too. He’s still got alchemy and herbalism, as well as fully-levelled up fishing, first aid and cooking.
Hexorious and Sacahariel in healing gear
Sacahariel is Hari’s character. The top screenshot shows us in our damage gear, the second shows Hexo’s healing gear and Saca in a Lovely Purple Dress.


Faelya (pronounced like ‘failure’) isn’t exactly a new character – she was actually created last January a few days before I bought The Burning Crusade, but was essentially shelved until the summer when I started playing on her again. She’s a night elf druid and by creating her I put myself in the ranks of male players with female characters – my argument being that when you play you look at the character from behind so it’s better to have something nice to look at.
She’s now level 61 and has a relatively standard feral combat talent specialisation. Her professions are skinning and leatherworking; skinning is a good way to make money but not if you’re a leatherworker as you’ll use everything you gather to level it up, and then some. It’s fair to say that I’ve had to subsidise this character with money from Hexo quite a bit.


Roffle and Mao
Roffle is my latest character, created over the Christmas break. Another female character, this time a draenei hunter and the first character I have created that can’t (properly) heal itself. As I spend most of my time on Hexo, Roffle is only level 23 but I’m sure she’ll be a higher level soon.
Her professions are mining and engineering, which means I now have the three gathering professions covered (though to varying degrees). I chose engineering as it goes well with mining and supports the hunter class well – you can make new guns and shot with it, as well as bombs and dynamite. It’s also useful for making Aquadynamic Fish Attractors for Hexo, the only character that I’ve bothered to level fishing on thus far. Having a leatherworker also means that I can get some reasonable armour for this character.
As for her pet, she has a trusty boar called Mao – this is a play on ‘roflmao’ and also because the hunter is usually the class of choice for Chinese Gold Farmers. Not that I condone the practice of gold farming nor do I encourage the buying of gold with real money.
Those are the three main characters I play; I also have a horde character on another server (a tauren druid, but balance spec instead of feral) and 2 bank characters.


  1. Wow your characters are so high level, it takes me mnonths just to get to level 30!

  2. lol i know the guild faith, they are on ravenholdt aye? if u want me im crinton on ravenholdt, or droser