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Open Letter to Vocus PR

Dear Vocus Public Relations,
Recently, I have been receiving press releases from several of your clients in my personal email address (as noted by the domain suffix). I would like to express my displeasure at this and ask you to stop.
Your clients have included ‘Adesta, LLC, a systems integrator and project management company for communication networks and electronic security systems’ and another which I deleted after not understanding what the company actually did – but then I’m not exactly up on providing vertical synergy solutions or whatever marketing speak used.

This latest email refers to a contract that your client has to build a fibre-optic network in Austin, Texas. Well, good for them. But why do I need to know this? I live in Bradford, England, which is several thousand miles away. I’m not a tech columnist, I’m a personal blogger with a few entries about technology, some stuff I’ve done on my computer and cat pictures. I’ve used the phrase ‘fibre optic’ precisely twice in 6 years of blogging, and one of those was to describe a Christmas tree. And I’m not a potential company investor or client, I’m a heavily-indebted recent graduate in a low-level administration job at a university.

Oh sure, you let me opt out of mailings from your individual clients, but I’ve had several emails from a variety of your clients and they’re all a load of rubbish as far as I’m concerned. Please let me opt out of the lot and leave my inbox alone, before I report you for spamming.

Yours annoyingly,

Neil Turner


  1. Quite right Neil. If reason doesn’t work a bit of search engine embarrassment usually does.

  2. You’re far too kind. I would have reported them already.