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As well as wining about unsolicited press releases from a clueless PR company, here’s some other things that I’ve wanted to blog about lately but haven’t:

  • As an epilogue to my most recent Royal Mail saga, the package did arrive on Saturday as requested, albeit at 7:30am. Now I’m not normally awake at that time even on weekdays (I get up at 8am to be in work for 9, since it’s a short walk away) never mind at weekends, but, hey, it arrived. And Hari now has a working external hard drive again, which is good.
  • Related to that, be wary of the Western Digital My Book series – this was what necessitated ordering the package (a USB IDE disk enclosure) in the first place. Hari’s unit was only around 15 months old when the soldering on the USB socket on the hard drive enclosure completely broke away, so it couldn’t be connected to a computer. You’ll also have a devil of a job getting the drive out of the enclosure should you wish to do so.
  • Looking back at an old entry, five years ago today I wrote about, a site for resources about Macs. Back then I didn’t have a Mac (I do now) but apparently the site has been dead since 2004, which is a shame. Obviously it never took off.
  • Speaking of Hari, as well as getting a new enclosure for her hard drive, she also now has a graphics tablet to play with. This was actually my Christmas present to her but it’s taken me until now to get it set up on her computer – though she could probably do it herself, but never mind. It’s a Wacom Bamboo One, which is one Wacom’s smaller but cheaper tablets aimed at those starting out. I’ve heard good things about Wacom tablets and this was the only one in my price range, so although the drawing area is small I went for this rather than a larger tablet from another manufacturer. It works well, and once you install Wacom’s drivers it is very accurate (it can work on XP without drivers but the accuracy leaves something to be desired; it’s also Mac compatible). It also suits Hari well – she’s left-handed but uses her right hand for the mouse, so being able to draw left-handed is much easier, and she’s drawn some good pictures already.
  • is my new favourite URL forwarding site, in the ilk of I can haz shrt urls? Kthnx.
  • You may remember back in April I mentioned I was going to begin the Mac Mini Media Centre Project – a project to turn my under-used Mac Mini into a media centre. It was to be a regular series of posts detailing each step of the project, but I only managed the one introductory post. The good news is that there has been some progress and the Mac Mini is now running as a media centre of sorts, but not quite in the same way as originally envisaged. However, I do hope that I will get around to posting more information about what I have done, and what I planned to do and didn’t.
  • And yes, I’ve still not upgraded to Movable Type 4.1. All in due time, all in due time…

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