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Still not pleased with the Royal Mail

I’ve chronicled my issues with the Royal Mail in the past, and one of those now has over 50 comments. Still, they continue to do things that annoy me.
Take yesterday for example. I’d ordered an IDE hard disk enclosure from Dabs, which was to be delivered yesterday. But it wasn’t.
Instead, we got a ‘Sorry, you were out’ card. But we were in. The person who should have been delivering the item actually didn’t have it, so he just put the card through the letterbox. No knock on the door, no ring of the bell, nothing.
While this is mildly annoying on its own – surely, a ‘Sorry, your package was too big to carry’ card would have at least been more accurate – this time the Royal Mail had to rub salt on the wound. You see my current house is within sight of the local Royal Mail depot, and in the past I’ve gone there in person to collect items (mostly out of desperation as they never answer the phone if you ring them). Going there would be a 10-minute round trip, so no big deal.
But, of course, this item isn’t being held at our local depot. Oh no, that would be too simple. Instead, it’s in Bingley. Bingley is 7 miles away in the Aire Valley, on the other side of Bradford city centre. So rather than hold it at the depot that is a mere few hundred yards from our house, it’s at a depot that takes a good 20-30 mins to reach by car or public transport.
I’ve arranged for re-delivery of the item online, but it now won’t come until Saturday. If, of course, they actually pay attention to the request – I’m not holding my breath. Otherwise it’s going to be lengthy quest to get it.


  1. I have exactly the same problem with our local posties – them being too lazy to actually bring our parcels to our apartment. Like they’re bloody paid to!
    We’ve complained and they’ve actually started bringing them, but who knows how long that’ll last.

  2. I’ve had similar issues myself. In fact, last week a package was attempted to be delivered (“too big for letter box”), so on Wendesday I arranged redelivery to my local post office for Friday at a cost of 50p.
    Went to pick it up Friday – not there, went to pick it up on Saturday: guess what… Eventually on Monday it was there and I’m pretty sure it would have fitted through the letter box 🙁