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Flickr Feature Request

Hi Flickr,

Last year you were really cool and enabled content filters on your site, so that registered users who were over 18 could view the more, shall we say, ‘salacious’ imagery that is posted there.

Now that’s great, and I have no problem with the odd risqué image popping up while browsing at home, but when you’re in a public place, or, say, looking at Flickr while on your lunch break at work, it could prove slightly embarrassing if you accidentally stumble across a bit of flesh. This is especially true when you have relatively innocent photos tagged with porn and fanny.

So it would be nice if there was some advanced feature where you could whitelist your home IP address, which would let you view potentially titillating images, and then have the filter kick in elsewhere. I know you probably have lots of better things today but this could save a lot of embarrassment and people getting fired.

Yours photographically,

Neil T.

One Comment

  1. Not a bad idea. Although it wouldn’t necessarily help with those untagged photos or those not flagged in any way. Flickr wouldn’t know it needed to filter those. So I’m not sure what the answer is if the users themselves don’t have forethought to flag/tag images they know would be questionable work viewing. Not visiting Flickr at work “just in case” doesn’t seem like a very appealing option though either.