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Back again

There’s been a bit of downtime here, which unfortunately was entirely my fault. My hosting plan was due for renewal yesterday and expired at 5pm last night, at which point this site went offline.

The reason why it went offline was because all of the emails that were sent to remind me that I needed to renew my hosting package got junked, both on my main email account (attached to the account) and on Gmail – it was only after I logged into the Gmail web site and trudged through the spam folder that I found the emails. As for my main email account, it was probably the settings that I have used which resulted in the emails being blocked – had it been left as default I would have received the warnings.

To make things worse, I had mistyped my mobile number on my contact details, so when my host tried to call me to advise me that my plan was about to expire they couldn’t get through.

Anyhow, my account has been restored and everything is working again, however any emails that have been sent to this domain over the past 18 hours will have not got to me. If you sent me anything important, please send it again. Just got all of the missing email through, so no need to re-send anything.

And a quick thanks to the people at Easy Internet Solutions for getting me up and running and trying to warn me about the impending suspension.

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