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Though I’m a Mac user, back when I was on Windows I was an avid Shareaza user. It’s an open source P2P program (under the GPL) that supports Gnutella, G2, eDonkey2000 and BitTorrent, and allows files to be downloaded from multiple sources across all four networks. It’s also a high-performance client with a number of other innovative features.

Unfortunately the domain was shut down in October, and has since been taken over by a company called iMesh/MusicLab, which now offers an alternative ‘Shareaza version 4’. This client has nothing to do with Shareaza and is actually based on iMesh and BearShare, two other P2P clients whose original developers have abandoned. Worse still, this fake Shareaza apparently contains spyware (despite its claims to the contrary) – full details here.

The legal status of this fake Shareaza client is unclear; Shareaza isn’t trademarked and as it isn’t based on the real Shareaza program then it cannot be sued for violating the GPL. It does, however, use the Shareaza logo; provided this is copyrighted then the site could be taken down for copyright infringement, no matter how ironic suing a P2P service for copyright infringement would be.

I’ve been working to change all of the links I’ve posted to to point to which is the current official home for Shareaza, and hope that if you have linked to it in the past you’ll update your links too. Right now is still the top result for a Google search for ‘shareaza’, which is a shame.


  1. I found this link on the CMS Made Simple Forum regarding Shareaza! Please give it a look:

  2. I seriously appreciate your comments about Shareaza. I really enjoyed using it because it
    offered you an opportunity to locate some of the best old music of yesteryear (1930’s – 1940’s)
    In your comments you mentioned that you are changing your links to
    Is this a safe link to the real (old) Shareaza???
    Or should you really forget that it exists ??
    Sincerely appreciate your feed back about what a user can do that really enjoyed the old Shareaza.

  3. should always take you to the real, official version of Shareaza and not the fake one at

  4. je ss richard