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Christmas Travels

Since I’ve finished work now until January, I’m going to make the annual visit to my parents for Christmas. However, I’ll be also going elsewhere, and so, thanks to Google Earth and Skitch, I present you a map:
Christmas Travels
In a nutshell, I am:

  • Going home from Bradford to York today;
  • Going to visit the grandparents in East Yorkshire tomorrow;
  • Going to see Hari after the Christmas break (she’s spending Christmas with her family near Birmingham);
  • Going across to Hertfordshire for a New Year’s Eve party in a country cottage;
  • (Probably) going to visit Hari’s cousin in Surrey;
  • Spending a final few nights in York;
  • And then returning to Bradford to start work again on the 7th January.

It adds up to at least 6 train journeys, some with several changes. But, have railcard, will travel.
As I’m going to be on the move I may not be blogging here much (but then you’re probably used to that these days) so in case I don’t get chance to write anything in the next 3 days, have a Merry Christmas.

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