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Interesting fact for the day

In the financial year 2004-5, 10 people bought train tickets for Watford West station. This is despite the fact that the station is ‘temporarily closed’, and no trains have served it since 1996, and part of the railway track leading up to it has been lifted.

But it gets better – apparently more people bought tickets for Watford West than for Gainsborough Central station, which is still open and still served by trains, albeit only one per week.

Incidentally the ‘one train per week’ strategy is used on a handful of stations in the UK as it is cheaper than closing the stations altogether. Another example is Tees-side Airport station, which has one service in each direction on Saturdays, despite it being the station for Durham Tees Valley Airport.


  1. Oh my, I am going to lose HOURS on that site.

  2. Reminds me of the rather unique Denton railway station (, which I keep meaning to visit – although clearly only at a certain time on Saturday!