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Social Network Annoyances

Not done a ranting entry in a while….


MySpace tries to be useful by emailing you when one of our friends has a birthday in the coming days. I’m sure someone finds this useful, but I have my own way of tracking birthdays so it’s useless to me. But you can only turn off all email notifications, not just birthday notifications, so you don’t get an email if someone posts a comment on your space or sends you a message, which are actually useful to me.
But to be honest I’m pretty much considering leaving MySpace as I rarely log into it anymore and all the friends who I actually care about use Facebook now anyway.


Facebook needs a privacy option called ‘Stop my friends from constantly inviting me to add new applications’. I don’t want to be a pirate or zombie, I have no desire for a new wall, I don’t care what type of romantic I am and I couldn’t give a monkeys that someone has decided to bitchslap me. If your application is really that useful then I’ll probably find it myself.
I also don’t want to be asked at every bloody opportunity if I want to share this application with my friends. I said ‘no’ the first time and I haven’t changed my mind.
Don’t get me wrong, some applications are good and I’ve written about my favourites, but some, in my opinion, abuse Facebook and will probably make people less likely to use the site. Every time I turn down a request to add an application makes me feel like I’m letting that friend down, or at least questioning their judgement, and I’ve seen examples of people who have given up on Facebook because they’ve become swamped by application requests. I’ve blocked the common ones but I still get requests for others that I could really do without.


Give me a reason to visit you. I use you even less than MySpace.


  1. You can block applications? I’ll have to have a look for that option so I can block the sodding lot. I wrote about my “Facebook Fatigue” on my blog. I’m sick of the invitations! SICK OF THEM! I’ve actually deleted a friend because she sent so many invitations. Hope she hasn’t noticed :S

  2. Social networking wastes time. I barely have time to blog!

  3. Holy christ those invites are annoying. I like Facebook because of reconnecting with old schoolmates but stop the bloody pirate/vampire/sheep madness please. No I don’t want to compare my movie taste with you. Ugh.
    Some people’s profiles have *so* many applications, wall posts, and other bollocks going on that it looks like a total catastrafuck.
    This is the future of the web?

  4. When Facebook asks permission to add the application to your profile, look in the bottom-right corner for a link called ‘Afraid of abuse? Block this application’. You have to do it for each application though.

  5. I have never gotten a birthday notification from MySpace. I still get notification of new messages and friend requests, but I’ve never gotten a birthday notification.
    For Facebook – when you block an application from contacting you, does it then stop showing when you view others’ profiles? I use the Greasemonkey script called “Facebook custom app hider” for that, but I’m curious to know how the native blocking works.
    And yeah, I get bugged by invitations too, but I mostly just click ignore and then do precisely that.

  6. The native blocking just stops applications getting information about you, so they can’t appear in your notifications or send you an email (i.e. to invite you to install the app), for example. They will still appear on people’s profiles, so if you want to hide them completely you’ll need the Greasemonkey script.

  7. I have used only Orkut and found that these kinds of social networking sites really helps if one wants to have contact with anyone faroff anywhere..