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I’m at vocab level 32 on FreeRice – anyone got higher?
(FreeRice is a site that helps you improve your vocabulary, and every time you get a question correct the site’s owners donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme. It’s supported by advertising.)


  1. Played it a couple of days ago. Vocab level 42 here. Quite surprising considering I’m not a native English speaker. 🙂

  2. I made it to level 40. No luck higher than that.

  3. I can’t get any higher than 46, but tend to linger around 42-44.
    Also, I don’t think your “leave a comment if you’re not signed in” images are very clear – I skipped straight past them assuming they were ads!

  4. After 20 words I got 41 .. which is freaky cause I didn’t really know what most of the words meant, was just making educated guesses…

  5. 46 here, but then it started to hit me with what looked like random assortments of letters!

  6. I got as high as 44, it’s addictive though *grin* methinks I’ll be twittering this one..

  7. As with others, I hovered around 42-44, but finished (after 1000 grains) on 45.
    It’s using a lot of archaic words.
    But yes, it is addictive.

  8. I can’t get higher than 42)
    thanks for link