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Some more reading

Because I’m feeling uninspired, I’m going to link to some other interesting things I’ve seen around the web lately:
St Pancras Station

  • Londonist is a blog about London from Gothamist, a similar blog about New York. Right now there’s a lot about St Pancras International (see picture above), the new Eurostar station, which looks fantastic. They also used one of my photographs in an article.
  • Michael Robertson, the entrepreneur who started, Linspire and now, is writing about how his latest venture is being sued by EMI for purported copyright infringement. The suit is, hopefully, without merit for the reasons Michael explains, but it’s a good background to what is wrong with the music industry.
  • For those of you not following the political situation in Pakistan, the former international cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has been arrested and charged under the country’s anti-terrorism act. Imran is also the Chancellor of the University of Bradford, and as I am now an employee of the university I can’t comment any further.
  • Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, says that he predicts that Scotland will be independent from the rest of the United Kingdom in 10 years time. So The Guardian light-heartedly wonders what it will be like without Scotland, and the implications that independence will have for both countries. For example, what the Duke of Edinburgh will be called and whether he’d take the title of ‘Duke of Miltom Keynes’.

As I hinted above, I now have a full-time job at the university. It’s not the one I was interviewed for and it’s only for a few months but it does mean I am in a better financial situation.

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