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Afternoon reading for an idle Tuesday

If you have a spare few minutes, have a read of George Monbiot’s comment piece “The anti-speed-camera campaign is built on twisted truth and junk science“. Here’s some select quotes:

Despite endless attempts by the media to trivialise it, an RAC survey reveals that 62% of drivers still regard speeding as a serious offence. Even more surprisingly, as many as 82% of British people surveyed approve of speed cameras, and that percentage has risen slightly since the mid-1990s. There is a genuine silent majority here, which is rarely represented in the media.

In 2005, [Paul Smith of Safe Speed] challenged me to a radio debate. I accepted, and floored him with a simple question. Has he published his analysis in a peer-reviewed journal? A peer-reviewed journal subjects new scientific claims to expert scrutiny. Without it, those of us who aren’t experts can’t tell whether claims are a work of genius or total hogwash. No, he hadn’t. In fact he had been asked by the leading journal in the field (Accident Analysis & Prevention) to submit his work for review, but he hadn’t taken up the offer as he didn’t “have time”. (He went on to boast that he had spent 10,000 hours compiling his website.)

The comment piece refers to government plans to introduce tougher speeding penalties for those driving well over the limit, such as driving at 45 mph in a 30 mph zone. For the record, I support this, and would recommend adding another tier, whereby those caught driving at, say 60 mph in a 30 mph zone, should be forcibly castrated.


  1. As opposed to being voluntarily castrated?
    Aye, it’s an interesting article. I nearly linked to it myself earlier today, but it’s Monbiot, so I couldn’t do it.

  2. The Courts deal with these people quite well and their insurance companies penalise them as well – for every day banned, the insurers levy up to £100 extra on the next premium.
    And it does take 3 years to get a speeding conviction off your licence. 12 points and more and it’s an automatic 6 month ban – you can plead ‘special reasons’ for not to be banned but may use use this excuse ONCE during your lifetime.