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First thoughts about Leopard

Leopard finally arrived for me today – I bought it from Amazon and selected super saver delivery, hence why it took a bit longer (but also saved me around £13) – and naturally I’ve spent the part of the day when I wasn’t food shopping in Tesco having a play around with it. Here’s my initial thoughts:

  • Like the new dock. Some people don’t but I think it looks cool.
  • Everything seems a bit snappier now which is good. I’m used to operating system updates slowing stuff down, not speeding it up.
  • Not liking the translucent menu bar, had to change my desktop as a result. Would prefer it the option to make it a solid colour.
  • New Finder is nice – like the new left panel and CoverFlow could be handy. Trying to work out why some network shares aren’t showing up though.
  • Some programs, like AppFresh, not working.
  • Firefox 3 beta 1 feels quite a bit faster in Leopard than it did in Tiger, which is good.
  • Don’t have an external HD so not used Time Machine yet.
  • Quick Look makes me happy in my pants.
  • New firewall sucks major ass. And it’s off by default. Bad Apple.
  • 4 updates to install once Leopard was installed, 2 required a restart.
  • Install took about an hour, much of that was verifying the DVD was okay.
  • Seems to take around 5-6 GB more disk space than Tiger did.
  • Spaces looks good but I don’t know if I would use it.

One Comment

  1. If you like the new Dock straight out of Leopard. You will probably love There are some really nice wood looks in there. I’m using one now.
    Time Machine is awesome. It’s already saved my behind since I lost one of my internal HD’s on Friday.
    I had some problems with network shares not working too. I’ve never been able to fully track down why, but when I did a clean install of Leopard, it worked much better.
    I’m not really sure why they left the Firewall off (like Microsoft did with XP pre SP2), but since I don’t use Firewall software, it really doesn’t bother me anyway. I played with Apple’s FW for a few minutes, then disabled it.
    As for updates/reboots, checkout my post on my switcher blog about installing Windows XP SP2 in Boot Camp this weekend. I had over 100 updates and about 6 reboots.
    One suggestion I have taken is to create a bootable backup of the Leopard install disk with a tool like SuperDuper to a small partition on an HDD. That way, you can use the install without having to hurt the DVD. I have put it on my Time Machine backup drive so that if for some reason I lose my main HDD, I’ll be able to recover using Time Machine and not have to use the DVD.
    Other than that, I have noticed little problems like when updating software, the icon’s are not getting copied correctly. However, the spotlight comments are not getting lost either. So some bad with some good.
    Also noticed that on my parents Mac Mini (512MB’s or RAM), it’s not the best OS. It can’t load iChat or Pages correctly yet. I’m hoping the first update fixes these problems.