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Save money with Firefox

Ever bought something online and noticed that ‘enter coupon code here’ box, but had no discount to enter?

RetailMeNot is a web site that allows the sharing of discount coupons and offers. Enter the URL of the site you are thinking of buying from, and it’ll give you a list of coupon codes for that site, sorted by success rate.

So where does Firefox come into this? Well, there’s an extension which lets you know if coupons are available for the site you’re viewing, so you don’t have to check manually each time. When it finds a site with known coupons, it pops up a bar along the top of your screen, allowing you to view the coupons available. What’s more, it’s based on a list that the extension updates weekly, so the web site cannot track your browsing habits.

One Comment

  1. Hey, I installed that the other day and forgot about it…. now I’ve rebooted and gone back into Amazon I can see what it does. Groovy!