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Leopard on the way

There’s a copy of the Mac OS X Leopard Family Pack which will be making its way to me some time in the next two weeks from Amazon (since they’re slightly cheaper than the Apple Store). I settled for the family pack as although I don’t use my Mac Mini very much now, it’s cheaper than buying another copy later on. And if I ever pick up another Mac second-hand (can’t imagine I would but let’s assume for the sake of argument that I might) then I have some spare licenses to use on it.

Incidentally I’m trying to think of all of the features that appeared in Windows Vista (or XP) before they appeared in Leopard. So far I’ve got file backup*, library memory randomisation and digitally signed executables – any others?

* = This is a little unfair – though Windows has a backup tool, it’s got nothing on Time Machine.


  1. Windows has Volume Shadow Copy which isn’t far off the ideas in Time Machine. The big difference is that Time Machine has a great UI!

  2. Welllll
    # New Fonts
    Use new built-in fonts such as Arial Unicode, Microsoft Sans Serif, Tahoma, Papyrus Condensed, and Wingdings.
    # Stationery
    Choose from more than 30 professionally designed stationery templates that make a virtual keepsake out of every email you send. Templates feature coordinated layouts, fonts, colors, and drag-and-drop photo placement. Stationery uses standard HTML that can be read by popular email programs for Mac and PC.
    Outlook Express has that doesn’t it?

  3. The blurring of underlying elements behind Leopard menus is very much like the blurring behind the ‘glass’ of Vista windows (if running Aero).