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Ventrilo 2.1 on a Mac

I mentioned previously that I was trying to set up a machine to run Ventrilo 2.1 since I couldn’t get it running on my Mac using CrossOver. Turns out that I’d made a mistake when setting the bottle up in CrossOver, so when I started again and did it properly, it worked. So Ventrilo 2.1 does work on a Mac, as does the Windows version of 2.3.

Incidentally CrossOver 6.2 has recently been released, which should make outbound voice communication work better in Ventrilo. But the best bit is that CrossOver applications will now appear on the dock as their own icon when running, making the integration a little more seamless. I’ve also noticed that the performance of some programs, namely Picasa, has improved dramatically since updating.

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  1. i really need ventrilo for my mac