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Not quite there

Last week, I said:

So, with a bit of luck, within the next couple of weeks I could have a full driving license and a proper, decently-paid full-time job on the cards. We’ll see.

Unfortunately, I failed my driving test (although I dispute my score) and came ‘a close second’ in the job interview. Which isn’t much when there’s only one job position available. So I’m still a learner driver with part-time casual work.


  1. 🙁 that must be frustrating. I failed my driving test twice, though that was a while ago. Better luck next time with both endevours.

  2. Sorry to hear that, Neil. What can I say… it is frustrating when you’ve finished degrees and whatnot and can’t get a job. The driving thing is unfortunately a knack; I’m not the best driver myself, so won’t even think about giving tips!