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Movable Type 4.01

As you can probably gather from the post title, I’m now running Movable Type 4.01, which is a ‘recommended’ update that fixes one potential XSS vulnerability and lots of bugs, some of which improve performance especially when rebuilding static pages. There are, however, no new features.


  1. TypeKey works though! 😀

  2. Found your site by googling TypeKey Movable Type problems… I just upgraded to 4.01 (from 3.something) and my TypeKey went kablooey. When you were fixing up your TypeKey post-upgrade, you didn’t happen to work through any “Null Filename” errors during the process of getting registered TypeKey users back to your page after they sign in?

  3. Nope, didn’t see those errors. You might want to post that on the Movable Type forums or open a support ticket if you can.