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Facebook Applications

Neil Turner's Facebook profile As you probably know I’m on Facebook and I’m one of those people who uses it quite a lot. As in at least once a day. Usually quite a bit more.
So as you can imagine I’ve got into this whole installing applications onto your profile thing. I know that applications are a contentious issue – people say that it makes profiles look like MySpace pages and that the walled-garden approach is killing the web, and that some of them are really annoying – but I do find some of them fun and useful. So here’s what I use:

  • zuPort: Flickr – Not entirely sure why it’s called zuPort but this allows you to display your latest photos from your Flickr photostream on your profile page. There are a number of other applications that do basically the same thing, but this also announces when you post a photo in your mini-feed, and doesn’t have the downtime issues of some of the other Flickr applications.
  • Music – Shows your recently played songs, favourite artists and your radio station on your profile.
  • Twitter – Displays your latest tweets in your mini-feed, and lets you post to Twitter from within Facebook
  • Cities I’ve Visited – Lets you show what cities you have visited on a world map on your profile. Except by ‘cities’ it means anything from small towns upwards, or so it seems. Also it announces when you’ve added new cities to it in your mini-feed, resulting in the rather bizarre announcement that I’d visited Dewsbury and Bathsheba (which are several thousand miles apart and not in any way alike).
  • WoW Characters – Lets you display your World of Warcraft characters on your profile, with links to their armoury profiles. Again there’s a few applications like this one but this seems to work the best.
  • The Compass – An application from the Washington Post which shows your political views on a compass, and lets you view how your friends scored. A little US-centric but interesting nonetheless.
  • The Sorting Hat – Asks you a few questions and then tells you which of the four houses of Hogwarts you would fit into, and lets you display this on your profile, and see where your friends would be. A bit pointless but fun.
  • Flixster Movies – I’d actually not heard of Flixster before seeing this application but I’m now a regular user. It lets you rate and review films, but unlike, say, iMDB it lets you see what your friends thought of each film. There’s also a movie quiz which passes the time.
  • Rock Your Firefox – Lets you show what extensions you have installed on your copy of Firefox, and see what your friends have installed.
  • My Profiles – Lets you add links to all the profiles you have on other social networking sites. I have about 12 at last count.

There are others but those are the most interesting. I tend to like applications which let you interact more with your friends, such as being able to compare musical tastes, share film reviews or rank political opinions, or those which bring in my data from other services like the Flickr and applications. I’ve avoided the various ‘superpoke’ applications and improved wall variations, and refuse to install Top Friends on principle. And I also get annoyed when I’m asked to become a pirate or have been turned into a vampire, and so on. But on the whole I like the applications idea.

One Comment

  1. I turned off the news feed announcements for several of my applications – I’ve even turned off the profile display for some of them. Cities I’ve Visited is one for which both are turned off.
    Also, I am infatuated with for my profile-listing needs. I have all of mine listed there. I also have that profile link up in my Facebook profile. 🙂