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Web stats for 2007

Back when I used to blog more frequently, I would do a regular post based on the visitor statistics I get from my host – the most popular entries, most-used web browser, and the search terms most commonly used to find this site. It’s been over 18 months since I did this, however.

What is interesting is the changes in web browser usage. My last post was in January 2006, when Firefox 1.5 was relatively new, IE7 was nowhere to be found and Safari was strictly for Mac OS X only. So here’s a run-down of what people are using here now, based on visits from August 1st to August 18th 2007.

Internet Explorer still accounts for the majority of traffic and overall 48% of visits were made in this browser. Though this is less than the 50% of visits 18 months ago, it’s not a seismic change. Most people (27.4% of the total) are still using a build of Internet Explorer 6, although my stats package doesn’t differentiate between the service pack versions so I can’t tell whether people are using the original release or SP1, and the improved SP2 version from 2004. Internet Explorer 7 is used by 19.4% of the total. The remaining 1.2% are using older versions of IE – around 0.3% still use IE 5.5, 0.2% use IE 5.01 and 0.3 use IE 5.0. Less than 0.1% still use the now-discontinued Internet Explorer for Mac, suggesting that this browser is finally dead, pretty much. There were also less than 0.1% of visitors still using IE4 or older.

Firefox, unsurprisingly, is the second most-popular browser, at 28.5% of visits overall. That is up from 26.2% 18 months ago. The most popular Firefox version is – not quite the latest version, but not far off. 0.9% were using which is the latest version, and overall 22.1% were using a build of Firefox 2.0, which suggests that the update feature is working well. Of the remaining 6.4%, 4.6% were using Firefox 1.5.x and 0.3% were still using Firefox 1.0.x, and the remainder will have been using any other build (including nightlies) from version 0.8 up to the alpha builds of Firefox 3.

The third-placed browser is ‘Unknown’, which is a meta-category of every user agent that my stats package isn’t aware of. The majority of these are crawlers, bots and feed readers, and make up 11% of visits.

So the proper crown of third place goes to Safari, commanding 5.3% of users overall. Sadly my stats package doesn’t let me break down the numbers into individual versions, so I don’t know how many are using the new beta version. Fourth place, surprisingly, is Mozilla, with 3.1% of visits, and I presume that this also includes Seamonkey which is the continuation of the Mozilla Browser Suite.

2.4% of visitors use Opera, making it the fifth most popular browser, followed by Netscape with 0.6%, Camino with 0.2%, Konqueror with 0.1%, and Omniweb with under 0.1%, along with a host of other minority browsers. Of Netscape users, there is still a high number of Netscape 4.x users, which is surprising as this site renders horribly in that browser. The least popular browser was NCSA Mosaic, with one visitor.

Grouping all of the Gecko-based browsers together (Mozilla, modern Netscape, Firefox, Camino and older versions), they result in a 32% share of visits.

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