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More things working

Now that Movable Type 4 is stable, I’ve started upgrading some of the plugins that I have on here. Some of the plugins I used with 3.3x are now obsolete, as they’re either included with MT or have been integrated with the application itself. But there’s some that are still needed in MT4 and not all of them will work with the new version without being updated.

Though there is no new version, MTLJPost has been re-enabled so cross-posting to LiveJournal has recommenced, which should be good news for those of you who choose to read this blog over there. Fast Search has also been updated so that it works again, which means you can use the lovely fast PHP search system and not MT’s own CGI-based system which is terribly slow (but that’s because I don’t have fast_cgi or mod_perl on here to make it faster).

There are still issues with TypeKey signins, I believe – quite whether this is a lingering template issue or what I don’t yet know, but I’ll look into it more as and when I have time.


  1. My OpenID still won’t work 🙁

  2. To be fair, I’m having issues too…
    Edit: Never mind, as that obviously worked. Looks like Comment Challenge isn’t fully MT4-compatible after all 🙁

  3. I upgraded to MT4 last week and for the most part it went very smoothly. My ‘entry’ archive template didn’t have a valid mapping for some reason but it was an easy fix. I love the new ‘dashboard’ UI.

  4. No way! it works with 4.0? I was worried after i saw the new release that i’d have to setup MT again to try to patch MTLJPost again.

  5. Well it mostly works – I don’t think the configuration screens work though. I’m currently trying out Crossposter which is designed for MT 4.0 and also works with Vox and other Movable Type blogs.