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Hectic Week

I appreciate things have been a little quiet here, and unfortunately that may well be the way they stay for the time being, as this week is going to be somewhat hectic Chez Turner.

Work is busy – as you may know I’m currently working for the university, and this week is when the A-level exam results are published so we have a lot of work to do with that, and then the start of Clearing on Thursday, which I’m involved with for the fourth year running now. It’s going to mean some very long days at work this week and next.

And as for out of hours, it’s a crucial couple of days for my guild on World of Warcraft. I haven’t blogged about WoW for some months now but I’m still actively playing it with Hari, although we’re both in a different (and more progressed) guild now. Last night we made our first ever attempt on Lady Vashj and so we’ll be trying to get her down before the server restart on Wednesday morning. If we do, we’ll be moving on to Kael’thas Sunstrider.

Things are going well, but as I’ve been rather busy with work and such I haven’t had much to report. I have managed to see The Simpsons Movie twice now and can confirm that it does hold up to a second viewing, even if it was only a couple of weeks after we first saw it. It’s definitely worth seeing if you haven’t already.

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