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Fixing things

So now that I’ve got Movable Type 4 running on here and the basics are working, I now need to get the bells and whistles that I had previously back up and running.

  • Smilies are now working in entries and comments 🙂 .
  • I’ve fixed the issues with OpenID/TypeKey comments that appear when you preview your comment by updating the JavaScript used to MT4’s version (and not a cannibalised version of the MT3 defaults like before)
  • At my end, I’m not receiving email confirmation of comments when they’re posted, even though I should be and did before the upgrade. Not quite sure what’s up there. Update: Just received one, so either it’s a fluke or they’re magically working again.
  • You may not be able to comment anonymously on some recent entries because the comment challenge box isn’t there – that’s because I forgot about it until late last night and didn’t rebuild everything. Yes, I still use static pages for entries.
  • The purpose of the sign-in link isn’t very obvious – it doesn’t make it clear from the outset that you can sign-in with OpenID or whatever. I’ll fix this with some images.

I would have kept a shorter version of this as an addition to the previous entry, but Google Reader doesn’t show updates to posts and so quite a number of you wouldn’t see it. To be fair you’re probably not interested anyway but nevermind.


  1. Smileys do not, however, appear in your web feed properly. 🙁
    I was befuddled as to which comment link to use. Since I didn’t know what I was signing into, I selected “anonymously” only to find out I can still put my name and stuff as always… not so anonymous after all?

  2. Yeah, it’s confusing – blame MT for that as I’m using Six Apart’s default code at the moment. I’ll make it more obvious.
    I don’t think I’ve ever enabled smileys in the feed, but I can do if people want to.

  3. How did you do to make the smilies work with MT 4.0. I tried and tried but still no luck 🙁 thanks