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Firefox go kaboomie

This just proves that Gran Paradiso, the thing that will eventually transform into Firefox 3, now has a new crash reporter that also works on Intel Macs. It’s based on Google Breakpad and is much nicer than the old Talkback program that Firefox used to ship with. And it’s open source, so the stricter Linux distributions can include it too, which should lead to improved stability for Linux users.

I’m now running Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 as my primary browser on my MacBook, and 98% of the time this is not a problem, however there’s an occasional annoying bug where none of the text fields in a particular window will accept input, including the address bar, and all you can do is close the window and open it again. But it’s a compromise with the hugely improved performance over Firefox 2 that I’m willing to accept.

Oh, and the cause of the crash? Some plugin, I think.

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