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Films of 2007

Back in April, I wrote a list of 8 films I was intending to see this year. Of those, I haven’t seen Hot Fuzz or 28 Weeks Later, though I should be getting the former to rent sometime soon, and I haven’t seen The Simpsons Movie because it isn’t out yet.

Yesterday Hari and I killed 2 birds with one stone and saw both Shrek the Third and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the same day (taking a break in between to go for dinner). Shrek 3 isn’t quite as good as 1 and 2 but it’s still a very good film, and Harry Potter 5 is as least as good as the first 4 films. The fact that this is the fifth film in a series and it doesn’t totally suck is a testament to J K Rowling’s writing and the directors/screenplay writers – pity the same can’t be said for films like Police Academy V…

Hari and I also went to see Wedding Daze (also known as The Pleasure of Your Company) a few weeks ago, mainly because we wanted to go on a date and that was all that was on at the cinema at the time that interested us, but actually it was quite enjoyable, if rather random.
There are, of course, other films that we’re considering going to see this year:

  • Transformers – I’ve heard some very mixed reviews of this film and so we may be renting it rather than going to see it in the cinema.
  • Ratatouille – Pixar make good films and the reviews suggest this is no exception, but alas us Brits have to wait until mid-October before this film is out here.
  • Stardust – saw the trailer for this before Shrek 3 yesterday and it looks pretty good, and it’s based on a Neil Gaiman novel.
  • Evan Almighty – I enjoyed Bruce Almighty so with a bit of luck this won’t disappoint. Again, the US gets this first, it’s not out here until August.
  • The Golden Compass – the film based on Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. Not out until December.


  1. I went to see 1408 last week while on holiday in Canada. One of the best horror movies I have seen in a very long time. Very highly recommended!!

  2. Don’t bet on Evan Almighty being as good as the first, by a long way. Reports from the US say it is a sinker (get it?).
    I remember hearing about Ratatouille last year when Flushed Away came out, and I thought “not two ‘rat’ movies”! I have heard great things about this movie, so I’ll definitely check it out. People citing it as not only the best animated movie of the year (so far) but potentially the best movie of the year (so far), which is very impressive. I think I might enjoy it, because my hopes are pretty low.
    Harry Potter (a series adapted from a successful book) can not be compared to the silly series of Police Academy!
    I’m looking to 1408, although I fear the trailer I’ve seen gives away a little too much. Can’t wait for Transformers either (although my expectations might be a little higher after all the positive reviews). And the Simpsons movie should be ok.
    I’m still waiting for Grindhouse and Bug to be released over here, and Rescue Dawn, I Am Legend and The Invasion look impressive.

  3. Just saw Ratatouille yesterday and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s the funniest film that I’ve seen this year. Pixar’s animation is, of course, terrific. However, it’s the writing that made this film for my wife and I. We laughed through the whole thing. The soundtrack is terrific as well. As we left the theater my wife told me, “There aren’t a lot of movies that I’d like to own, but that’s one of them.” A ringing endorsement.

  4. I don’t expect Evan Almighty to be great, infact I think it will be a great disappointment. I can’t remember watching Transformers as a kid but I mite go for the movie.