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Testing out Skitch

This is a test ofSKITCHa fantastic little program!
Scratch that, it didn’t embed properly – click here to view it instead.

I’m testing out Skitch, a new program from Plasq, makers of Comic Life, thanks to invite from Dave. One of the nice touches is that you can save images not only in JPEG and PNG, but PDF, and also SVG which is what I’ve shown here. You’ll need a recent copy of Firefox or Opera to view it, or the beta of Safari, and it probably won’t yet work in most feed readers, but all of that is a big lump of XML code.

I may post more about it when I’ve had more time to play with it, but it looks like a fantastically useful little program.

One Comment

  1. Looks kinda fun, but I’m really not sure about that interface though.