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Things are happening

Since I last posted:

  • My asthma is all better – I don’t even have the cold symptoms anymore.
  • Our gas card arrived (a day after I called up for it) so we now have hot water, central heating and a working cooker.
  • Virgin confirmed that they’re coming to install cable this Saturday afternoon.
  • I bought a new router to share the internet between the computers – a Netgear WGR614, the same model my dad has (but we paid considerably less)
  • We bought a double mattress, for our currently matress-less double bed, though no date for delivery yet.
  • I went hiking around Grassington on Sunday – was nice to get out after all the moving last week.
  • And I completely forgot about Fathers’ Day.

This week I’m working as much as I can to make up for last week, although I’m taking long lunch breaks so that I can use the internet. So if you send me any emails in the afternoon you’ll know why you won’t get a response until the following lunchtime.

One Comment

  1. Good to see you’re cleared up… and of course the double mattress is a must!
    How do you find time to share such intimate details with us all? Does this make me a voyeur?!