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On the move

The good news is that Hari and I have (seemingly) passed the background checks for the new house and we’ve signed the contract and picked up the keys. We’re moving Hari in tomorrow, and some of my stuff will go too; however as we’re well behind on packing we won’t have time to move all of my stuff tomorrow. We were waiting for some storage bags to come from Tesco, which we were expecting on Saturday but didn’t come until yesterday lunchtime, so packing was mostly on hold until then.

While the stress of getting a house is over, it now means I have the stress of changing all the bills and utilities. I live with two other people in my current house who are both staying on, so I have to transfer control of the gas, electric, phone and internet bills to them, and then set up new accounts in the new house. I also need to get things like the TV license transferred and the insurance changed and renewed. Fun, fun, fun.
For phone and internet we’re going with Virgin Media, rather than BT and PlusNet. It’s mostly an economical decision as we can get TV, internet and phone for £21/month for the first year, whereas internet alone from PlusNet will cost us £22/month – we need their premier package for the extra data transfer allowance. Though we’re only going for Virgin’s basic TV package, which is essentially what is already available on Freeview, it does mean we avoid the lousy DVB-T reception that Bradford currently suffers from.

As for other geeky stuff – because that’s what you’re interested in, isn’t it? – the smaller of the two bedrooms will become the study and will house Hari’s XCcube and my MacBook. The Mac Mini will probably make its way into the main bedroom as a compact media centre, and the living room will have the big TV, standalone DVD player, VCR (yes, we still have one, even though it’s almost 20 years old) and cable set-top box. I’ll also need to invest in a new router, since the one I currently own only works with ADSL connections, but it means we can take a look at some of the draft-N Wifi systems if they’re affordable.

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  1. Congratulations Neil and Hari!
    I must admit my other half and I moved to the co-habitation phase quite quickly: we met in July last year, started dating in late October, and she moved in in late January.