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Hell gets ever colder

Safari? On Windows? Didn’t see that one coming. While I’m still sticking firmly with my beloved Firefox, I welcome the extra competition for browsers. It now means that Windows users have choices beyond Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer (and their derivatives like Flock, Maxthon, Seamonkey and so on). If you use Safari on OS X already then there are some goodies in store. Safari 3 uses a new build of WebKit, which means you get niceties like:

  • Resizable text areas
  • Rich text edit on sites like Gmail
  • Inline browsing of PDF files

It doesn’t, at least for now, support things like Extended Validation SSL certificates or 256-bit SSL, and still offers the insecure SSL version 2 which has been phased out in Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also insists on calling feeds ‘RSS’ – while it does support Atom, it still uses the blue ‘RSS’ icon when one is available. And, at least on 10.4 Tiger, it still has the brushed metal appearance and not the new look that applications like iTunes have adopted recently. Though the screenshots of Safari 3 on 10.5 Leopard suggest that the Leopard version will have the new look.


  1. I am trying out Safari right now on my work PC. Pretty decent for a beta (it is pretty fast), but they definitely have some bugs to work on.
    I don’t know if I will switch from Firefox to it on my Mac, but it is nice to know that Safari has improved a lot (especially in the rendering department).

  2. I may have just changed my mind.
    Do a CTRL-F in Safari for Windows. Try typing a word that you know is in the page.

  3. Well, Firefox has done that for a long time, and has a handy keyboard shortcut – ‘/’ – for it too. But I do have to admit that Apple’s method of displaying it looks better.

  4. The Safari way is much easier to find the text you are looking for.
    I know about the Firefox way, I have used it since it was released!

  5. Windows version is all brushed metal all the time…
    I’m really digging it, it’ll sure help in testing new sites, on the other hand it’s another browser to support, if only it would stay in the 4% bracket

  6. It’s about time Apple started using the feed icon the other browsers use. Conformity is the key!

  7. Hmm interesting. I can get the browser window to display but no text is displayed in either the URL or on the default Apple homepage. Oh and right clicking (which again displays nothing) seems to freeze it completely. Knackered methinks 😛

  8. Fixed it… problem with fonts in windows on some machines apparently. Here’s the fix –
    Have to say as a non-mac user it’s alright. Quite like the cleartype font. Nothing to get over excited about tho to be fair.

  9. Surely isn’t Firefox a derivative of Seamonkey (or Mozilla… or Netscape… w/e)? 😛

  10. Well technically yes, but more people know about Firefox than Seamonkey/Mozilla nowadays.