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Now look what you’ve made me do…

Okay, now I’m not only on Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and, but I’m now on Twitter too. I should really stop being a sucker for these things.

….Oh go on then, add me as a friend, you know you want to.


  1. Ditto. I only actively use Facebook (currently), (until the buy-out changes things) and Flickr (now loves you). I signed up to Twitter but I have used it precisely once.

  2. I had a look at Facebook earlier in the week, then pointedly left. I’d have to offer far too much personal information for it to be worthwhile, and I’m kind of reluctant to provide my e-mail account password!
    MySpace: check, and you’re already Friend’d, Neil.
    Flickr: I registered a while ago, but haven’t got round to uploading anything yet. I’d only want to use it as a ‘taster’, offering a few photos to draw people on to the hundreds of photos at my own site. I’m registered and have posted (links to) a couple of concert reviews, but I can’t run the software from my office machine, and am on dialup at home.

  3. Tell me about it. The Facebook phenomenon is steadily spreading through the office where I work. It is a fun distraction though and tidier and more private than MySpace.
    Twitter is neat. Micro-blogging is the way forward!