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Firefox with native Mac widgets

If you have an Intel Mac and like living on the edge, give this build of Firefox a try. It’s the first of the builds that will become Firefox 3.0 which includes native form widgets on Mac OS X – which means that web forms will no longer have ugly buttons and scrollbars and instead look more like they do in Safari. It’s a nice improvement as it makes the program match in with the operating system more tightly.

You can also discover some of the other improvements in the release – speed being one major thing. The interface is much more responsive and pages render noticeably quicker, and smooth scrolling is smoother. There’s also native support for Growl notifications for when your downloads complete – no need for any extensions. The Page Info screen has also been updated and is now not only more attractive but more useful too.
It is, however, not even an alpha-quality build, so tread carefully. I ran it on a new profile just to be sure – if you don’t know how to create them then this isn’t for you. Though it seemed quite stable to me, it may not be for you and there are some rendering quirks in it still. It’s also Intel only at this stage so it won’t run on PowerPC Macs.

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